Interesting Aspects of Vietnamese Culture Worth Knowing

Interesting Aspects of Vietnamese Culture Worth Knowing


Vietnam is a Southeast Asian country of rich history and exciting culture. Although it is one of the remaining bastions of communism today, it is gradually opening up to the rest of the world. Millions of tourists flock to the country for various reasons. If you are considering visiting Vietnam, these are the exciting aspects of the people’s culture you might learn something from.

Vietnamese people do not easily trust

 Trust is something you need to gain in this culture. You cannot force people to trust you. They could be kind to you as a tourist, but it does not mean they will trust you immediately. Some of them are very difficult to do business with because they do not trust anyone right away. Nevertheless, Vietnamese people are accommodating and easy to talk with.

People pay attention to academic success

 In several countries, you might find students who do not value their education and are even angry that they get sent to school. In Vietnam, education is a ladder towards success. Therefore, everyone takes it seriously. If you visit the country, you will find lots of students studying extra tutorial classes instead of playing on the streets or with their friends.

Respect for elders is crucial

 The country also treats ageing people with a great deal of respect. You need to do the same too. For instance, when you sit with a large group of people, you need to wait for the oldest person in the room to sit before everyone else follows. The food also starts with the eldest member of the room before the dishes get passed to someone else.

Haggling is a part of shopping

 When you shop around Vietnam, it is crucial that you know how to haggle. Most sellers will try their best to ask you to pay a high price for the items sold. You need to learn how to keep asking for a low price and be willing to walk away if they do not give you what you want. Although the sellers are tight, they would rather sell with a small profit than not sell anything at all.

Vietnamese dishes play a significant role

 When Vietnamese people cook their food, they pay attention to the details. They also make sure that these dishes are healthy with the addition of vegetables, herbs and spices. Despite that, their meals do not have an overbearing taste. It is why Vietnamese dishes are favourites all over the world. In London, you can even find Vietnamese restaurants that are thriving because people love them. You can check out vieteat.co.uk if you want to order now.

When you visit the country, and you order food in a local restaurant, you need to make sure that you finish your meal. Their dishes are valuable to them, and it is offensive if you decide not to finish what you ordered.

Vietnam is such a fascinating country that it is worth visiting. If not, you can at least try their dishes at home now.

Image: https://unsplash.com/photos/0BhsN70JVA8