Getting Cheaper Accommodation in Cannes is Possible!




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Getting Cheaper Accommodation in Cannes is Possible



Getting cheap accommodation in Cannes seems impossible. It is considered one of the most expensive cities in the world. It is home to the Cannes Festival, an annual gathering of stars. You can expect hotels and other accommodation choices to be really expensive. There are also a lot of tourists visiting the city all-year round. Apart from celebrities, top businessmen and wealthy families also visit Cannes to get out of their normal lives.


Given the beaches, wonderful tourist attractions, shopping areas and other natural resources, Cannes is such a great place to visit. However, if you are not as wealthy as these celebrities, it does not mean you have to cancel your plans to visit the city. You can find Cannes accommodation that is still of good quality, but cheaper than 5-star hotel prices. There are ways for you to get such accommodation at a lower price. Here are some of them.


Stay longer


Since you are already in Cannes, you might as well stay there longer. The city is quite big and there are a lot of exciting places for you to visit. Apart from really seeing the best Cannes has to offer, the good thing about staying longer is that you can also get cheaper accommodation choices. For instance, if you go for an apartment rental, the price can be negotiated depending on how long you are staying. You can get it at a much lower price if you say that you are staying for at least 7 nights.

Choose serviced apartments


Instead of staying in 5-star hotels or really expensive villas, you can opt for apartments that are still accessible. They might not be as grand as these hotels, but they are still attractive. They are also comfortable. Besides, you want to spend your money on other things while you are in Cannes. As long as the accommodation is comfortable and well-maintained, it is good enough.


Be willing to stay farther from the centre


The hotel choices in the city centre are quite expensive. You don’t have to stay there too. There are a lot of good options even if you move farther away. You can find options way cheaper than when you are in the heart of the city. Even if you factor in the cost of transportation heading to different destinations, these options would still be more practical.


These are just some of the best possible ways for you to get the accommodation options you want in Cannes without spending a lot of money. You just have to research them. You also need to go there at the right time if you want to spend less. Cannes might be a really expensive city, but it is not necessarily just for the wealthy.



Image: Pixabay.com