Worldwide Holi Celebrations


Recently, on the 01st until the 02nd of March, the Hindus have celebrated Holi. While many people believe that this Hindu celebration is all about throwing colourful powders at each other, it is actually two distinct events! As a matter of fact, Holi is a Hindu festival which is symbolical of the arrival of Spring. Also known as the festival of colours, this event also marks the celebration of fertility, love, colour and the victory of good over evil.

All around the world, people have now started to celebrate Holi. However, it cannot be denied that the biggest celebrations take place in most parts of India, Nepal and Pakistan. Unlike other countries, Holi is more of a religious event in Hindu countries and there are prayers which mark the start of colour battle, mainly Holika Dahan. Done one day prior to the colour splash, Holika Dahan is celebrated by burning wood and dung-cakes in a symbolic massive pyre to signify the triumph of goodness over evilness. It is only the next day that people play with colourful powder in the streets, while getting drenched in water. The streets look as rainbow with the pretty mix of culture! Did you miss the celebrations of Holi this year? You can still enjoy the myriad of colours on the reels of Rainbow Phoenix slots at Lucky VIP Casino Online! This game is one of a kind as it is the perfect mix of themes: mythical phoenix and infinite colours! Play this slot game anytime, and witness the magical combination of colours which might get you some great wins.  

However, Holi celebrations have taken over the world and is now celebrated in countries like United Kingdom, Dubai, United States of America and Spain. In these countries, where there is the presence of Indians, the festival is celebrated more like a fun event! In various parts of England like London, Birmingham and Manchester, Holi parties are organised. Many people of different origins and cultures join the grounds and enjoy with dry colours, sprays and various other paraphernalia. There are even processions which includes dancing and singing. In Dubai, these celebrations are on other levels! Places like Al Garhoud and Wonderland Park welcomes thousands of visitors who get drenched in colours, no matter where they come from!

Moving to United States of America, there’s no shortage of people who love getting splashed with colours! Given the large Indian population, a Colour run is organised each year! People wear white clothes and they participate in a marathon of 5 kilometres, and while they run, they enjoy the colours which are thrown at them.People from all cultures are invited to participate and to dance to the many musical tunes. In Spain, the celebrations are different. Mainly in Madrid, party lovers play with Holi, during the monsoon. The event is loaded with people who handle water guns, gulaal and dances all through the duration of the Holi party!

Whether in India or any part of the world, Holi remains a celebration which witness the mix of culture, without any prejudices. Worldwide, this event has seen the beauty of cultural mix and the celebration of love and colours!